Bespoke Sculptures & Models

Creating bespoke LEGO models for you

If you can think it up, we can build it for you!


Brick Galleria has managed to build up a large array of skills and techniques to help create sculptures and models made from LEGO® bricks. Using these skills, we have managed to design and construct everything from corporate logos, promotional items, scale models, architecture, personal gifts, even a life size chainsaw! LEGO is about education, creative outlet and most of all, fun! So we try to make all our builds and events a fun experience, from a corporate model, to that special gift.


Our LEGO Brick Artist, Kevin Hall has been in the creative industry for over 25 years and has been a fan of LEGO for over 35 years. Kevin has worked in advertising, publishing, media and marketing just to name a few. Along with other members of our team, we have over 40 years combined of product design, advertsing, model building and brand awareness. All of these talents combined means we can produce LEGO models and experiences custom made to your needs and wants whether it is a model for a national campaign, a promotional piece or a special gift, Brick Galleria can bring your ideas to life using LEGO bricks.


We can produce a vast array of models and scupltures depending on your needs. Brick Galleria can build a LEGO model for pretty much any situation:

Promotial items - Public Relations - Advertising - Stop Motion - Events - Weddings - Birthdays - Mosaics - Scale Models - Replicas - Architecture Models - Corporate Events - Team Building - Workshops - Retail - Education - FMCG - Personal Gifts.


So for any type of LEGO sculpture, model or creation you may need, whatever the occasion, from an event big or small, promotion, launch, or just that special gift, contact us and lets create you something unforgettable out of LEGO.


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